Health and Wellness Coaching 

Improving population health one person at a time

Are you a Panhandle resident? Are you over 18? Then you are eligible for health and wellness coaching! 

The services provided by health coaching include: 
  • Working with you to set your health goal
  • Helping you gain confidence, knowledge, skills, and tools to continue to lead a healthy lifestyle
  • Guide you to a healthier lifestyle 
  • Support you to achieve your health goals
  • Encourage you to become the best version of yourself
Your coach is guaranteed to provide you up to six sessions, 20-40 minutes long over three months. They can be over the phone at no cost to you for convenience. 

See what others are saying who have already found success with their health coach: 

"Coaching has helped me to take the intentions I have had for making healthier choices with my time, activities, and food choices and helped me to make solid, attainable goals. I now feel more organized and like I can reach my overall goals by making small changes over time." 

"It really has helped me to have someone to be accountable to that is outside of my day to day life that helps me set realistic goals for myself. I have lost some weight already."

"I have learned to think more intentionally about what I eat, drink, and do since I began working with my coach and it has helped me get closer to my goals." 

Download a brochure

Take the first step to get started today, contact: 
Cheri Farris 
Health and Wellness Coach 
Panhandle Public Health District
(308) 262-2217 Office 
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