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We are excited to announce the 2017 Opening and Closing keynote for the Panhandle Safety & Wellness Conference & Awards Luncheon....Candy Whirley - Professional Speaker!

From the Hawaiian Islands to London, England, Candy Whirley is famous for her high energy enthusiasm, innovative training activities, and contagious sense of humor. She is a dynamic speaker dedicated to sharing over 20 years of her expertise to help professionals improve their job performance and achieve their personal goals. Candy is most known for her interactive keynotes and breakout sessions, whether the request is team building, relationships or leadership skills, her clients know the audiences will be interactive, energized and entertained!

Opening Session: Emotional Intelligence 

Have you ever felt like someone knew all the wrong buttons to push? We all have, that's why Candy loves to teach folks how to get their emotions under control. In this session, you will leave with the knowledge of the 5 Components of Emotional Intelligence: 

  • Know your emotions: What tics you off and how are you handling it? Learn 3 ways to overcome the 'tic offs.' 
  • Manage your emotions: What is your negative self-talk...what is it doing to you? Learn about positive self-talk and what the experts say. 
  • Recognize your emotions in others: Learn the communication breakdown to recognize emotions. Listening is 100% emotion. Learn to listen to what other people are really saying. 
  • Choose your emotions: What are the obstacles that are stopping you from choosing? Learn 3 ways to overcome the emotional obstacles. 
  • Handle your emotions: Learn how to handle difficult emotions in your personal/professional life. Know how to get what you want. Understand the personality differences and emotional characteristics. 
Closing Session: Bridging the Gap

Module 1 - Keeping team performance high during times of change. Learn how to: Recognize the top 6 reasons people fear change, give constructive feedback during changing times, and get the buy-in you need from your team. 
Module 2 - Reducing conflict due to style differences of gender-based communication. You will: reduce conflict by understanding that men do not resolve like women, learn what Candy learned from gender difference experts, what are they saying, and create 26 new ideas on how to communicate BETTER with men/women. 
Module 3 - Cultivating ideas on how to motivate the Boomers X, Y, and beyond! Learn to: recognize the characteristics of generational differences in the workplace, understand the strength of each generation and how they will benefit the organization, and motivate all generations with non-money and low money motivators. 

Make sure to join in on one of our great wellness/safety breakout sessions that we have lined up: 

Successfully Providing Outreach and Engagement to Impact All Employees

Brad Snedden, BNSF Regional Wellness Manager

As one of North America's leading freight transportation companies, BNSF Railway has seen a dramatic increase in wellness participation and effectiveness over the past seven years. Wellness interactions (a combined total of employee participation in health challenges, health screenings, flu vaccination, Cooper physicals, individual health coaching, wellness modules/presentations, online contests, and daily health tips) has increased by an average of 9,950 annually since 2010. Annual health screening participation has increased 325% and flu vaccination 368% in 2015. 

With a number of unique demo-graphical and geographical challenges, BNSF's wellness program has had to rely on implementing unique motivational engagement strategies. During this breakout session, we will discuss and share some of those aforementioned strategies for creating a culture of employee wellness by making the healthy choice the easy choice. 

Low Cost Wellness Strategies with High Impact Results

Lisa Henning, WorkWell Director

Many worksites have a limited budget for wellness. Join this session to learn a number of inexpensive, effective tactics on topics like healthy vending, onsite weight management programs, and tobacco cessation. From creating walkable campus initiatives with very little money to approaches for creating environments that promote health, you will leave this session with simple but powerful strategies for a healthier workplace. 

Wellness Conversation Cafe - Local Field Experts

Dan Newhoff, Box Butte General Hospital Wellness Coordinator, Diana Lecher, Chadron community Hospital Health & Hospice Director/Wellness Coordinator, Jessica Davies, Panhandle Worksite Wellness Council Coordinator & PPHD Assistant Health Director

Join us for this highly interactive discussion on wellness program development and maintenance in small groups with guided conversations by local field experts. Groups will be rotating through the following discussions: 

  • Leadership support - strategies for leadership engagement,w hat happens when you've had an incredibly engaged leader and they leave your organization
  • Wellness committee formation - who to engage and how to engage a cross-cutting representation from your business, how to re-engage and keep your committee motivated to lead and well-represent your wellness program
  • Wellness Program Implementation - what strategies work, don't work, and how to ensure you meet the needs of your population for maximum impact. 
Oh, and did we mention we are going to have some FUN!

OSHA Update

Heather Vanover, Nebraska Safety Council

Keep a pulse on where the administration is at with pending and new regulations. Review the Region VII OSHA focus areas, specifically focusing on Nebraska injury statistics and frequently cited standards. Hear more on compliance assistance versus compliance enforcement efforts in our state to better inform your upcoming safety efforts. 

Total Worker Health Risk Assessment - How to use your data to refine Job Safety Analysis Programs

Heather Vanover, Nebraska Safety Council, Jessica Davies, Panhandle Public Health District

Strengthen your safety programs by utilizing your company's Health Risk Assessment Data. When you use the actual health status of your specific workforce, rather than the "average healthy worker," you can increase the predictive value of your Job Safety Analysis Program. Take home practical ideas on how you can adjust your risk assessment tools to account for the health status of your workers. 

Steering Wheels are not a Hands-Free Device: Driver Safety Programs

Mark Segerstrom, Nebraska Safety Council

If your employees are using cell phones or wireless devices while driving, you can bet it affects your bottom-line. Learn more about the current trends of motor vehicle crashes, ways to mitigate liability in the event of an employee crash, and how you can implement new technology and limit risk for employees who travel. 

Be sure to join us at The Gering Civic Center on September 21, 2017, YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS THIS!

Interested in exhibiting at the conference? If your customers are decision makers in the fields of safety and wellness and safety professionals, owners and upper management from manufacturing, construction, utilities, health care, government, agribusiness, and education, then you need to be at this conference! Check out more information in our Exhibitor Letter or fill out our form!

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