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Keynote Speaker: Scott Shellstrom

Scott Shellstrom is the modern day da Vinci, and inspires teams everywhere to rediscover their own ability for creativity and innovation.

As a former advertising executive, Scott knows that creativity is more than an art, it’s a skill. His skills have placed him on some of New York City’s most prominent improv comedy stages, and his paintings on some of the most prestigious gallery walls. He knows how to perform, both as a television host on the Travel Channel, as well as the first white guy on Soul Train.

Scott’s presentations will unite and excite your team as they collaborate and support one another using proven techniques of improvisational theater. He ignites productivity and inspires unique solutions to everyday challenges. He teaches how to prosper from perspective and see more than what the picture first portrays. (And if that wasn’t enough, just wait for his masterpiece painting… done in four minutes… upside down.)

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Opening keynote: Unleash Your Inner Da Vinci 
Let's start the day off with this energetic and interactive experience that will help you uncover your hidden problem-solving abilities (essential for workplace safety & well-being, right!?). Shellstrom will inspire the unique creative force within all of us, discovering new perspectives and solutions to everyday challenges. 
Afternoon Keynote: Breakthrough Brainstorming: Fun, Fast Strategies to Unleash Your Brilliance!

Generating new ideas and devising different solutions requires effective brainstorming strategies. It’s so much more than tossing out suggestions in a group! Scott will educate on what techniques to use and which ones to avoid to get the most out of brainstorming sessions. He’ll also provide ways to breakthrough barriers like unconscious bias and mindset to maximize outcomes.

Core Session:

Addiction and Mental Health in the Workplace.
Identification, Understanding and Compassionate Responsiveness.


  • Senator Sara Howard, District 9
  • Jim Cowser, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

Description: This session will provide information on ways to recognize potential risk factors, signs, symptoms for substance use and/or mental health challenges in the workplace. Methods for setting a supportive environment in the workplace and techniques for intervention will be presented. Particular emphasis will be placed on opioid use and its impact on employee health.

Participants will:

  • Understand the disease of addiction
  • Understand common workplace practices that support persons in recovery
  • Learn how to identify signs a co-worker may be impacted with substance use or mental health condition
  • Learn how to identify work stressors that are more commonly associated with substance use
  • Explore options for creating a safer workplace for persons in recovery from addiction and/or mental health challenges

Breakout Sessions:

OSHA Update

Courtney Olson, Nebraska Safety Council

Dispelling Wellness Fads & Trends

Cheri Farris, Panhandle Public Health District

Get the details on where the administration is at with pending and new regulations. Region VII OSHA focus areas will be reviewed with a specific focus on Nebraska injury statistics and frequently cited violations.

"Weight loss" are two buzz words in our society, so it isn't surprising that millions of people try out fad diets and wellness trends every year. At the end of the day if a diet or product sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Join us as we discuss wellness fads and trends and what you can do to easily have a healthy lifestyle. 

Closing: Reflect, Refresh, Rejuvenate

Session Facilitator: Jessica Lecher, Panhandle Partnership

Join us as we REFLECT on an incredible day of learning and interaction, are REFRESHED by connecting and sharing with other businesses and organizations experiencing similar areas of opportunities, barriers, and cutting-edge safety and wellness ideas, and REJUVENATED to return to work ready to implement new and trending ideas and strategies.

Awards Luncheon

  • Governor's Wellness Awards 2019 Recipients
  • Panhandle Worksite Wellness Council Leading Light Award
  • Nebraska Safety Council Workplace Safety Awards

      Early bird registration has been extended to Friday, August 30!

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