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It All Adds Up - Winter Wellness Challenge

  • 20 Nov 2017
  • 31 Dec 2017
  • Panhandle

Adding just a few simple habits to your routine and practicing them daily, can impact your feelings of well-being exponentially. At no time of the year is balancing this equation more important than during the holidays. It All Adds Up inspires you and your teammates to practice three vital strategies for maintaining balance fostering well-being during the holiday season. 

  • Sleep: Accumulate 6-8 hours of sleep daily and go to bed within 30 minutes of your typical bedtime. 
  • Physical Activity: Complete 15 minutes of physical activity daily. 
  • Relaxation: Practice 15 continuous minutes of calming activity such as reading, listening to music, stretching, or any activity which produces feelings of relaxation. 
The Goal: Teams will work towards earning points together to get an average of 6,000 points by the end of the challenge. Along the way you can unwrap challenge gifts at every 1,000 points. 

Important Dates: 
Businesses who want to participate can contact Melissa Cervantes, mcervantes@pphd.org, by October 19th to get registered. Individuals won't need to be confirmed until later. 
The registration link will be sent out to each business point-of-contact on November 6th and that can be sent out to any interested individual to begin registration. Registration will be open until November 26th. 
The challenge is six weeks and will begin officially on November 20th and end December 31st. 

Price is $3.00 per employee. 
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