Spring Wellness Challenge


April 10 - May 21, 2017
Grand Prize - Company choice of a walking workstation or two sit-to-stand workstations ($1000 value)
2nd - $500 towards employee wellness program
3rd - $250 towards employee wellness program

The Wellness Council offers a spring wellness challenge to member companies every year. 

The mighty Mississippi River flows through the heart of America. Discover the history and culture that make this such a fantastic region to explore in this fun and challenging race from the Mississippi Headwaters in northern Minnesota to the gulf coast in Louisiana. This challenge inspires teams/individuals to travel the infamous Great River Road earning mileage by completing self selected cardiovascular exercise activities or logging daily steps taken. 

The goal is for the teams/individuals to race against one another to complete the race route before the challenge ends! When spring time weather hits, we want people to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather. We try to offer a physical activity based wellness challenge every year to try and get businesses up and moving. 

The Great River Road Race was offered for the 2016 year and found businesses challenging each other to see who could make it from the start of the Great River Road in Minnesota to the finish line in Louisiana. This challenge inspired teams to travel the road that follows the mighty Mississippi River, earning mileage by recording daily steps on a pedometer or mobile tracking device. The goal was for teams to work together to complete the race route. Each team member had to strive for 9,000 steps a day to hit the 365,000 average step goal that was set for six weeks for the months of April and May. 

2016 Winners:

Pioneer Manor - Walking Workstation

South Platte NRD - $500 towards employee wellness supports

The DOVES Program - $250 towards employee wellness supports

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