In 2000, 4.9 percent of Nebraskans reported having diagnosed diabetes. In 2015, this number grew to 8.8 percent (167,200 Nebraskans). Some of this is attributed to increased efforts toward earlier identification and diagnosis. However, other contributing factors such as the increased prevalence of obesity is likely playing a large role in the increased rate of diabetes in our state. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that approximately 29 million Americans have diabetes and 86 million (1 in 3 people) have prediabetes. The good news is that some risk factors are potentially reversible. Download the Nebraska Diabetes Worksite Toolkit as a resource to guide your decision to start a National Diabetes Prevention Program for your employees.

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Download the Diabetes Worksite Toolkit

The National Diabetes Prevention Program can change your life in one year.
  • Losing only 7% of your body weight reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 58%

  • Participants in the program get help and support to make and sustain lifestyle changes.

This proven-effective Lifestyle Change program is offered AT NO COST to employees onsite at your worksite as a benefit of membership. 

Program success in the Panhandle since 2012:

• 60 Community Classes

• 21 Business Classes

• 827 Participants

• 4,600 Pounds Lost

Did you know we offer the National Diabetes Prevention Program onsite for member companies and the following story is just one of several successes!

"I am such a loser and it feels great!"

Story submitted December 2014 - What a real benefit it was that our employer decided to offer the chance to attend the NDPP to all employees free of charge. More than a benefit, it was a blessing. 

After 40 years of involvement in health care I knew I would not likely learn anything in the class that I didn't already know or had even preached to patients many times over. But my job had become more and more sedentary and my intake less and less discriminatory and therefore I had become heavier and heavier to the point that nothing I tried seemed to make a difference. Throw in a sluggish thyroid gland, a low Vitamin D level and my age and my other "numbers" were starting to get worrisome actually placing me closer to a pre-diabetic state. My joints were achy and in general I was not happy with my image -- especially when I saw a picture of myself. It would make me angry and then sad; even a little disgusted. 

Because of where we work and live finding an outside means of activity that could be enjoyed consistently was always an issue. The expense of a membership to a community center that I was not able to regularly utilize was not a good investment from a limited budget. So although I recognized my situation was not good and I had set a goal for weight loss I  was having very little if no success. I had even consulted a registered dietitian on my own and to no avail. 

Timing is everything it seems. Just before last Christmas our son proposed to the beautiful woman who is now his bride. The thought of myself in wedding photos gave me a pronounced sense of dread. I didn't want to be a disappointment to them and I wanted to be able to enjoy the pictures from their day without the reminder of my unhealthy weight. I wasn't sure that I would have any more success than before. Then the opportunity to take the NDPP class was offered. I didn't jump at the chance (because of course, I knew it all!) but after talking to co-workers and seeing as it was a new year, a fresh start, I decided to participate. We could give each other support or at least share some misery. The wedding date was set and it gave me 10 months to try and make an improvement. Any improvement would be welcome. 

Having an exact date in mind was helpful in setting a goal. I wasn't just randomly trying to do ok, now and then, if it happened to work, maybe. I had a mission and a deadline. Knowing myself as I do, I always work better with a deadline. I really was afraid of being a toad in the wedding photos. Just couldn't let that happen. And I actually said that out loud at the first meeting of the class. We started out with a large group all hoping to make a difference in the coming year. We ended with less than a handful but we were successful. 

Each session we talked about putting small things into practice in a way that was not difficult or embarrassing. We started logging. We started moving. We started talking. We started reading labels before buying. We started sharing. We weighed regularly. And we started to melt. It was wonderful. 

When I was able to meet the first goal of 7% weight loss I thought, "Wow! This is it, I've done it. Let's keep going and see what happens." So I did. My primary mode of activity was walking and because of the time of year I kept going. I was going farther and walking longer. I kept melting. It became self-sustaining. I also developed what I have come to refer to in my own mind as 'Trashing the Fat'. 

We live in a rural location. I have miles and miles of country roads that I can walk with my dog and I noticed the trash that had been left along the road ways and in the ditches. I started taking a 5 gallon bucket with me and as I walked, I picked up empty cans, bottles, boxes, paper, pieces of scrap metal that could puncture tires and whatever I happened upon. It served many purposes. It gave me something positive to do while trying to become healthier and it cleaned up our neighborhood in the process. By the end of my walks I also had a significant weight in the bucket that provided some resistance and muscle strengthening. I was also picking up a good deal of compliments along the way. People were noticing and that all helped to keep me going. And out of necessity I ended up with a newer wardrobe. 

The wedding has come and gone. It was a beautiful day and I felt as though I belonged with the finery. The best part is that although I used the event to make improvements it really boiled down to finally after years of raising and caring for a family, with a vocation that cares for others and putting everyone else in my life first, I started taking care of myself too. I finally put all that knowledge to work for me. 

The manner in which the class helped us make small steps regularly in making lifestyle changes was the number one thing that made it successful over anything else I had ever tried. There was no carb-counting or difficult math to master. There was no 'can't have that' or 'only eat this'. It was start add log reset your goal because you've been successful. Tell us how you are accomplishing your goal to help others. Now continue this. 

No one is happier than me that it was a success. I know that as the days get shorter and walking to 'trash the fat' is more difficult, I have all the tools I need to get back on track to continue to lose when the new year is here. All I have to do today is maintain and its not such a chore anymore. One of the more satisfying things is that I gave away a dozen pair of pants that were at least 2 sizes too big. When I pull something out of the closet from last year and it's too big to wear I actually smile a little. It's a problem I am willing to have. I am such a loser and it feels great. 

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