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Panhandle Worksite Wellness Council is an organization’s greatest resource for worksite wellness. 
  1. We provide personal service and support.
  2. We understand the specific needs of the Panhandle region.
  3. Every Panhandle employer, regardless of size, can benefit from membership.
  4. We provide a virtual toolbox with resources members can use to advance their worksite wellness program.
  5. As part of Panhandle Public Health District, the Council provides evidenced-based programming, training, and resources.

Become a member today!

Upcoming Wellness Opportunities

 "It's one of the best benefits we can give to our employees and to our own future. It just makes sense."
Harold Krueger, CEO
Chadron Community Hospital

          "Thanks for all the support through the last few years with our wellness program, it has transformed our workforce, productivity, attitude, and endurance for the very difficult work that we do!! We appreciate all the assistance you have provided. Thanks again!!"
Karen Harbach, Director
Northwest Community Action Partnership

 “Panhandle Worksite Wellness Council has provided great support for our employee wellness program.  The services and offerings really add to the betterment of our organization.  Having this type of service in the Panhandle is definitely something that is a major asset to the region and provides opportunities that organizations would otherwise
not be able to access.”
 Lucas Schumacher, Wellness Manager

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